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About Our Products

We offer Limited Edition Unique apparel, accessories, and products that are designed from original artwork prints from the owner and artist Bernette D.Carter-Wright of She specializes in unique art that allows you to Express your individuality in the way you dress and add accessories to your wardrobe. Be your unique self with Our limited prints are made to appease the unique culture of the fashion industry and the art community. The prints are made from the original artwork collection and are printed on special selected pieces that will with come the a letter of authenticity from the first purchase of the original artwork pieces.  The items can be purchased for a collector's item as a value item such as a framed artwork because the pieces  are coming from a real art gallery. Or as most of us will do, is just show off our new prints with the world that you have an unique and limited edition item that only a few other people have purchased. All of our products are unique and are made to change the way we Utilise our clothes.  Enjoy shopping on