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Amputees of America by

Amputees of America by

How may how people do you know that have a form a disability of the either leg ,arm or even both? While there are now 7 billion people in USA out them there are 2.1 million people who face shame, embarrassment and isolation because of their impairments or physical body height.  2.1 million of these people have missing limbs and 500 are added everyday and more than 28 million people at risk for amputation in this country.  There are challenges these people endure everyday to fit into society and to adapt to a new reality when it comes to those who lose limbs due to a disease, through a terrible car accident or accident to even being born with a missing limb. Amputees of America are important but forgotten of the clothing industry. Amputees has to pay for their clothing made for regular size people without missing limbs.  They would have to result in getting alteration done to fit the size or just wear the clothing hanging off their leg or arm, or even rolling the pants or shirt sleeve to adjust the clothing to functionality. Addition for those with no legs has faces multiple challenges -for example; not being able to wear age appropriated clothing, or just having to shop for the clothing that fits. Amputees has to deal with the embarrassment of shopping for clothing in the children’s selection of the department store, because their height and weight.  And those the a missing part has to purchase clothing and wear them in a unprofessional fashion. They deserve their own clothing-line. 

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